ASUS ET2013IUTI-03 Product Review

IThis ASUS Desktop is a modern looking All In One Touchscreen Computer that is one of the cheapest desktops available today. Its unique design combines with ease of use and price to make it the Best All In One Pc for users that are looking for a basic, everyday, usable computer.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with this ASUS All In One Touchscreen Computer so we can get a better idea of exactly what it has to offer:


-Energy Saver
-Unique Design
-Very Cheap
-Wall Mountable & Tilt Support

Energy Saver

It’s interesting that ASUS decided to go a bit green with this version of their PC, as it serves as a great energy saving PC. This can be a pro in multiple ways, as it helps keep the battery lasting longer while also cutting down on the electric bill.

Unique Design

The design of the ET2013IUTI-03 All In One Touchscreen Computer is definitely unique. It has a modernized look that makes it perfect for the younger generation as well as older users that enjoy the new age feel. It’s a bit of a sleek design as well, making it easily portable and able to be used in all different types of situations.

Very Cheap

This ASUS Pc is definitely one of the true Cheap All In One Computers on the market today. With a price tag ranging from $600-$650, you’d be hard pressed to find something that provides the same type of value that this ASUS is able to. It’s not the greatest quality gaming Pc on the market, but it can certainly serve its purpose at this price tag.

Wall Mountable & Tilt Support

Interestingly enough this All In One Gaming Pc is able to be wall mounted. It also has tilt support that helps make for the greatest ease of use possible.


-You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

While the price is cheap, it seems as if you get what you pay for as far as the quality goes. It’s certainly not a terrible All In One Gaming Pc by any means, but it also isn’t able to compete with some of the real heavy hitters of the industry. This is most obvious with the processor, which is a bit slower than most of the higher quality PCs.

Once again, this isn’t a low quality computer whatsoever. It just isn’t on the same level as many of the best gaming PCs that gamers are used to.


This is nitpicking, but the processor used in this desktop isn’t the greatest. As we’ve already mentioned, you can’t expect to get amazing speed at this price but it is worth mentioning that you can expect the speed level to be a bit lower than most higher priced options.

Final Overview:

The price is what really makes this ASUS Desktop of the Best All In One Computers available to customers. You simply can’t beat a $600 price tag for the type of features that this ASUS provides. While it isn’t the highest quality or fastest computer on the market, the price still makes it an incredible value and a good choice for an entry level all in one computer.

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