HP EliteOne 800 – Best All in One PC

The HP EliteOne 800 has our vote as the best all in one PC out there. It is a high-end machine that is a great match for small business as well as home use requirements. It features a 23-inch touchscreen display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It has a 10-point touch responsive screen, work with both hands.

With its solid state 256GB hard drive and 8GB RAM, opening files and programs quickly is a breeze. The storage can be upgraded to 1TB with a solid state hybrid drive. You don’t want any lag time when working on computers in an office environment, and this one won’t disappoint. There aren’t many display screens that allow for adjustment of height and tilt both. This one does, you can also move it to change the display between portrait and landscape modes. Landscape is ideal for viewing tables and excel sheets, so if that’s what your work demands, then this is a thoughtful option. Like it fixed? Just mount it on the wall. It weighs 41 pounds, so ensure that the fixing arm is strong enough to take the weight. And if you do go for the wall-mounted option, then maybe you can save a few dollars by considering the non-touchscreen version. This device, one of the best all in one PC, is powered by Intel 4th Generation Core™ i5, i7 processors. It runs Windows 8 Professional that comes pre-loaded. Or you can opt for the Windows 7 Pro. Graphics are controlled by an AMD Radeon HD 7650A card.

The HP EliteOne 800 is indeed an elite piece that comes with a range of security options as would befit a machine that targets the corporate user and home business person. These include USB Port Disable, Intrusion Sensor with Access Panel Locking, I/O Security Cover Locking, Security Screw, and a Security Lock Slot.

Networking options include Gigabit Ethernet for wired internet connectivity and 802.11 abgn WiFi port. An I/O DisplayPort lets you hook up another monitor to the machine. There is a serial port as well, just in case your business uses peripherals such as printers, modems, digital scales, or cash registers that use a serial port. There are six USB 3.0 ports, enough to connect mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. What stood out for us in this best all in one PC review was that the EliteOne 800 had been thoughtful to provide a Near Field Communication (NFC) sensor, this greatly facilitates communication between the computer and devices such as smartphones.

The EliteOne 800 ships with a host of software pre-installed software; this includes HP Client Security, CyberLink Media Suite, HP ePrint Driver22, HP PageLift, HP Support Assistant12, PDF Complete, and Skype6. If your office uses HP products then configuring your computer to the products becomes easy.

For $1,450, the HP EliteOne 800 is indeed one of the best all in one PC out there. It comes with enterprise-level functionalities out of the box and easy upgrades as and when required.


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